Day spa finally finds home

Owner of Abba had been trying to open her own spa for eight years

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Anthony Roberts / The Gazette

Sisters Jayde McBride and Mandy Mason named their new spa Abba, which translates to “the father.” The spa will donate a portion of profits to charitable causes.

Jayde McBride had given up on opening her own day spa.

In five years of trying, she'd had so many opportunities and close calls fall through - including one just weeks before opening - that she decided to stop looking.

So when her husband called about the little home on Langer Drive in Sherwood, she refused to look. Her younger sister Mandy Mason, who would be her business partner, scouted the location out instead.

Within two months, the sisters celebrated the opening of Abba Day Spa in October. The sisters are religious - 10 percent of their profit will benefit charitable causes - and McBride said she couldn't help but notice the sign in front of the house when she finally went to look at it. The space at 16455 SW Langer had been a church office, and the board out front read: "If you're looking for a sign from God, this could be it," McBride said. "I thought, what is this, a coincidence?"

The building, which was at one point a house, had been up for lease for about two weeks, but the sign had fallen out of the window, and was just put back in place.

McBride said the size and the location were ideal. She lives in Tualatin and had been looking at locations in the western suburbs, and the small house is a unique environment, as opposed to a strip mall location. "Structurally, the building was what we needed," McBride said.

The problem was the interior. The old home had been an office for decades, and the interior was dated and stuffy, leading a few friends who saw the house to question her decision.

Luckily, McBride's husband is a contractor, and after five weeks of painting, ripping up carpet, installing spa equipment and decorating, the interior was set.

The sisters' next step, now that the spa has been open for a month, is to brighten the exterior. The unassuming, pale yellow, ranch-style building offers few hints that inside is a sparkling and renovated day spa.

Jayde and Mandy come to the business from different angles. The former has been working at spas in the Portland area for eight years. "I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit and I was just ready to break out on my own," she said.

Mandy, who is younger than her sister, is working in a spa for the first time. "It's been challenging, but [Jayde's] my big sister, she always leads me down the right path," Mandy said. "It's been a great change, it's a lot more rewarding."

Abba offers a wide range of spa services, including an area with two massage tables for couple massages. They already have a staff of eight, including McBride and Mason.

"Our staff isn't just a staff," Mason said. "We feel really grateful for having them in our lives, because they've put in a lot of hard work and sweat too."

As for the spa's Christian principals, McBride said they're already dedicated to helping fund nonprofit groups that aid victims of human trafficking and cancer. "It just makes the work so much more meaningful and purposeful," McBride said.

Abba is located at 16455 SW Langer Drive in Sherwood, behind Alto's Chevron. They can be reached at (503) 625-1808.